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These writings, drawn from various cultural and religious traditions, are unique, provocative and absorbing. Profoundly compassionate, they explore the responses of some of the most creative and original thinkers of our time as they grapple with the personal, social and ecological challenges around them.  

This is the century where humanity will be tested as never before. Will we be able to deal with the massive levels of poverty and injustice that all societies are faced with in lesser or greater degrees? Will we be able to change our lifestyles and evolve sustainable futures where solutions can be found to the climate crisis? Above all, can religions, spiritualities and secular ethics inspire communities to embrace a more holistic vision to live in peace with each other and the planet? The essays in this book are both spiritually fulfilling and pro-active in seeking  to deal with these challenges. One cannot read them without being deeply moved by the urgency of the insights they seek to articulate. 

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Meeting Rivers is a global platform of religious, spiritual and secular actors who bring fresh understandings, experiences and solutions to the inter-related challenges of personal change, social transformation and ecological engagement.

Each month over 7000 people receive the Meeting Rivers articles on the email. We are hopeful that the Meeting Rivers bulletins will help contribute to the growing search for sustainable solutions.

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